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Wait, WHAT!? Almost 70% prefer typing for communicating!?Xade7643/6 9:16PM
I'm looking into Buddhism.
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KroganBaIIEater113/6 9:16PM
Another gamer dies from playing too much games! 3rd(or more) case in 2015.. :o
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Ryan-06323/6 9:15PM
You know what should become a thing?blutoblutarskyX83/6 9:15PM
Why do people still buy Incandescent light bulbs?
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argonautweekynd263/6 9:15PM
Ten-year-old boy hailed as hero after saving sister from convicted sex offender.WastelandCowboy53/6 9:13PM
IYO, should traffic fines be based on income like in Finland?tissue_paper13/6 9:13PM
New Aziz Ansari standup available on Netflix today!Doctor Foxx103/6 9:12PM
pick taste (Poll)ultra magnus1353/6 9:09PM
Do you recognize the above poster?
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Ogurisama3733/6 9:09PM
Islamic State: Ancient Nimrud ruins 'bulldozed' in Iraq
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NeoSioType133/6 9:08PM
I saw the die antwoord movie tonightMilleyd13/6 9:06PM
I am an adult.KroganBaIIEater103/6 9:06PM
You can snap your fingers and make any broken-up band get back together...
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Milleyd613/6 9:05PM
Somebody give me some positive vibes (another CHEWY BEING SERIOUS/WHINY topic)GrabASnickers33/6 9:03PM
I can already tell what kind of future these kids are going to have.Metro293/6 9:03PM
There are TV ads for for 50 shades of grey sex toysOgurisama93/6 9:03PM
My mom nearly ended up in the emergency room.
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VioletZer0233/6 9:01PM
Is your email address correct? (Poll)knightoffire5533/6 8:50PM
Any PotDers have any old pictures of me? (Hi I'm Kwame, HorrorGod, Godofhorror)
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IAmNowGone173/6 8:30PM