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So if I'm heterosexual does it mean I'm attracted to heteros?FatalAccident212/26 10:57AM
Women just freaking don't make sense. Seriously.davf1351012/26 10:56AM
What do you think are the most unappealing sexual fetishes?EggsBenedikt212/26 10:56AM
Destiny is a terrible game
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CSRouge961212/26 10:55AM
Why are some PotDers so anti-social?
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bachewychomp1112/26 10:54AM
FDA Eases ban on Gays giving blood (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1312/26 10:54AM
Who are your favoire Porn Stars
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AwesomeTurtwig1912/26 10:52AM
This 25 y/o Gamer was arrested for calling Police his Friend was Shot..In GTAV!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1912/26 10:50AM
attn: turtwigHellHole_212/26 10:49AM
This Smug 11 y/o Kid is the YOUNGEST Eagle Scout ever in America... (Poll)
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Full Throttle1912/26 10:49AM
Terrible week.kratosdakota3412/26 10:47AM
your reaction: everything goes digital in 5-10 years
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NightMareBunny1812/26 10:45AM
Just bought a PS4.
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Dynalo1512/26 10:43AM
You have ONE job PotD. You must select a game I will enjoy off of Steam.
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Judgmenl5212/26 10:40AM
Do some of you seriously think that The Interview issue was just marketing?davf135612/26 10:39AM
what is the propper punishment for DDOS attack to PS, XB, Steam,Origyn etc (Poll)yourDaddie912/26 10:31AM
Why have none of you watched Utena or read Medaka Box yet?BNVshark123912/26 10:30AM
Where can I get one of THESE?!Metalsonic66712/26 10:27AM
The Village is on Netflix. Everyone must watch it.Captain-Trips412/26 10:26AM
PotD Christmas Steam Gifting Event 2014 -Classic edition with lists in the topic
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newsuperdude10412/26 10:25AM