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PotD 10 song shuffle. Rate the user's music taste above you based on 10 songs!ac2player42/27 10:41PM
How will you remember Spock? RIP Leonard Nimoy. (>*_*)>
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Ryan-06152/27 10:40PM
This 17 y/o Girl and Honour Roll Student convinced her friend to Kill Himself!!. (Poll)Full Throttle52/27 10:39PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Top 16: Match 3: Indiana Jones vs. Aliens (Poll)quigonzel72/27 10:39PM
so, what famous actor dies next?
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Da-PollGuy54172/27 10:39PM
Developers still haven't learned not to put three things in their games.
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Arctic_Sunrise232/27 10:37PM
PRINCESSMAGICAL was created in 2003?argonautweekynd62/27 10:36PM
Radio station honored Leonard Nimoy with space themed playlistHelIWithoutSin22/27 10:34PM
My sorta sister in law is about to have her baby, I REALLY hope it's not black
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YOLO_SwagItOut212/27 10:33PM
Astronomers find black hole 12 BILLION times bigger than the sun
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Metro2422/27 10:29PM
This is the greatest game ending of All Time.Metro212/27 10:25PM
ITT: Post your battlestation
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Joshs Name252/27 10:20PM
I don't think I can trust any of you with the left sidehelIy72/27 10:16PM
1000lb Woman who falsely confessed to murder loses 800lbs. Look at her now!! (Poll)Full Throttle12/27 10:11PM
Do you think Jesus existed? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link852/27 10:10PM
Rate that TV Show ~ Day 679 ~ Pimp My Ride (Poll)Slayer12/27 10:09PM
SEGA to leave consoles and only work on PC/mobile
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r7gerrabbit212/27 10:09PM
My arms are looking swole as hellJen012592/27 10:08PM
How is a ring that makes you invisible supposed to be powerful?
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EclairReturns142/27 10:06PM
I've worked as a history teacher apprentice last week AMADa-PollGuy5432/27 10:06PM