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Just dropped 35 bucks on Breath of Fire 3; buying JRPGs has become an addictioniliveforlife112/28 4:49PM
Any other PotDers going to play the Halo 5 beta?Xfma100212/28 4:47PM
So I went to Midnight Mass for the first time tonight...
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Arctic_Sunrise3812/28 4:24PM
This music come on in a bar...Dmess85112/28 4:20PM
Why does Nintendo dominate every poll on here?
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Stewart_Bradley2212/28 4:14PM
merry christmas...everyone's sickNightMareBunny212/28 4:03PM
Just took a cat out driving for fun.
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Doctor Foxx2112/28 4:01PM
Let's Play Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life! (Megathread)
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w00t_D5512/28 3:56PM
I have the nicest cat ever. (pics)DirtBasedSoap912/28 3:55PM
Advanced Warfare's campaign is like Bayformers Age of Extinction.raymanfan1412/28 3:51PM
Jimi Hendrix Rocksmith DLC final! (Poll)AllstarSniper32512/28 3:48PM
There was this cool girl who I followed on twittergrape_purple1012/28 3:42PM
everyone who likes ariana needs to wake up
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miczz2212/28 3:34PM
Did anyone get this for Xmas? too expensive. Is this is the future?BushidoEffect3512/28 3:29PM
Are you feeling the christmas spirit? Because im not.Blazakenki812/28 3:28PM
Getting a date is easySt_Kevin812/28 3:23PM
I thought it was great when i got 1k reddit karma in 3 daysLootman112/28 3:09PM
Official Animal Crossing for the 3DS, FC Sharing Topic Part Seventeen!
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Melon_Master42712/28 3:04PM
Has PotD ever significantly changed anybody in a positive way?
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bachewychomp2712/28 3:02PM
Are there any games worth getting for the PS4 yet?Erik_P612/28 2:39PM