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Resident Evil 4 or The Last of Us? (Poll)
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Last Game Bought
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C/D The N word is the worst word (Poll)
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How happy are you with the current state of gaming? (Poll)
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BigOlePappy168/27 10:51PM
why is everyone on this board so bitter-Hunico-48/27 10:50PM
Extremely urgent news, ((MUST READ!))xKitsunex88/27 10:49PM
Was only going to watch 1 or 2 Simpsons eps of the Every Simpsons Ever Marathonquigonzel48/27 10:45PM
official try to troll Jen topicbachewychomp98/27 10:43PM
Is it okay to believe that Homosexuality is wrong? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei678/27 10:43PM
Best Zelda Game? (Poll)
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So, it looks like my ex is a willing accessory to welfare fraud.
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RikkuSwirls158/27 10:42PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 38 - Whisper of Hell (Disgaea) (Poll)quigonzel108/27 10:39PM
I always thought PotD was incredibly left wing, but whats with the homophobes?Storrac28/27 10:38PM
How excited are you guys for self driving cars?
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dragon504458/27 10:38PM
It's "Nev-AD-uh" not "Nev-AH-duh."MasterSword54668/27 10:38PM
would anyone like to play descent 2 with me?ShamblerQ38/27 10:37PM
these are two contenders for best anime fight scenes. which one is better? (Poll)
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GhettoFlip148/27 10:36PM
Boston Marathon Bomber's sister threatens woman with putting a bomb on her!! (Poll)Full Throttle38/27 10:33PM
This 19 y/o Sexy Girl tried to steal 3 chocolate bars!! Would you forgive her? (Poll)
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Full Throttle128/27 10:33PM
Oops! All Berries is what Crunch Berries should have been in the first placeMabinogiFan28/27 10:28PM