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what is the worst gift you opened this year?
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hoohahxchz1512/27 5:45PM
cleaned my computer keyboard with 91% rubbing alcoholDmess85312/27 5:45PM
Sonic the Hedgehog vs Super Monkey Ball (Poll)grape_purple512/27 5:44PM
Which war movie you enjoy more? SavingPRyan/BlackHawkDown /Platoon/WeWereSoldier (Poll)darcandkharg31412/27 5:43PM
ITT: We share embarrassing or funny bathroom storieskeyblader1985712/27 5:43PM
What should I play tonight? (Poll)Storrac512/27 5:42PM
Ariana Grande vs. Iggy Azalea vs. Charli XCX (Poll)OmegaM412/27 5:41PM
Who are your favoire Porn Stars
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AwesomeTurtwig4612/27 5:39PM
Starting Morrowind for the first timeFluorescentVoid812/27 5:39PM
Post Entertaining Youtube Vids HereStupid Pirate Guy812/27 5:38PM
Jasper Byrne released some music for the upcoming Hotline Miami 2Far-Queue212/27 5:37PM
I wanna hypnox, but it's so ****ing cold right now.
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Metro21612/27 5:31PM
I'm collecting tadstones, because the fetch quest needed a fetch quest interludeLokarin512/27 5:30PM
Ask Me Anything.Silvenar812/27 5:29PM
Just took a cat out driving for fun.Doctor Foxx412/27 5:22PM
Is "intelligence gathering" on women creepy/bad?
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GreenTreeClub2812/27 5:22PM
Return of the Geek
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The Wave Master22112/27 5:15PM
I just bought the last of these Fez prints.ESP Samus412/27 4:48PM
This 14 y/o Kid volunteered to be a Suicide Bomber so he could escape ISIS!! (Poll)Full Throttle312/27 4:39PM
is deadly premonition worth 2.49?Nade Duck212/27 4:39PM