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Who will be the CEO of that lame, fake gaming company? (Poll)
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So, it looks like my ex is a willing accessory to welfare fraud.
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My god. has the Zelda Edition 3DS XL Gold Refurb for $155
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today i started community college
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I'm replaying Final Fantasy 6, get in here if you want a character!
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If Duckbear came to your house and told you to stop squishing bugs to your face (Poll)
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Best Zelda Game? (Poll)
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Was only going to watch 1 or 2 Simpsons eps of the Every Simpsons Ever Marathonquigonzel68/27 11:25PM
I always thought PotD was incredibly left wing, but whats with the homophobes?Storrac48/27 11:05PM
ATTN: Ziggi - here's your ramble
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why is everyone on this board so bitter-Hunico-48/27 10:50PM
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these are two contenders for best anime fight scenes. which one is better? (Poll)
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