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Is there a term for failures that turn out to be good?Lokarin17/24 9:17PM
Joe biden is funny! anyone wish he was president instead of obama?BushidoEffect317/24 9:17PM
How long has it been since you had sex? (Poll)
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Dazed2684187/24 9:17PM
AHAHAHAHA!!! Ubisoft, stahpKr0w1Nc4rNa7337/24 9:16PM
Google Buys Livestreaming Service Twitch
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bluPython127/24 9:16PM
Recently got all the Genesis sonics, really not enjoying them
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Luigi is the best237/24 9:16PM
This 18 y/o Kid joked about the MH17 victims..Now he could go to Prison!! Fair? (Poll)
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Full Throttle147/24 9:15PM
this stupid liquor store near my house is charging 10 cents for a bag nowlolamericans57/24 9:15PM
for the stormcloaks
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LemonDestroyer257/24 9:14PM
What should I play next? (Poll)snae9917/24 9:10PM
Does anyone know how to make cmd.exe quit coming up on my computer?Molitheus77/24 9:09PM
So TLoU MP is getting an emote called "The GIF"raymanfan127/24 9:06PM
Day 13 - Semi-finals round 1: Best of PotD tourny - Arctic_Sunrise vs Kanakiri (Poll)Ogurisama27/24 9:03PM
...the fireworks today are larger, louder, and more numerous than on July 4th.bluPython17/24 9:00PM
Hey everyone, I just wanted to say I will be starting a stream as well!shadowsword8717/24 8:59PM
Weird Al's new album Mandatory Fun is out today with a new video out every day
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newsuperdude457/24 8:59PM
Do you take this poster seriously? Day 4 - bluPython (Poll)
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edededdy117/24 8:56PM
Day 12 - Quarter-finals round 4: Best of PotD tourny - Duckbear vs Sleeping_King (Poll)
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Ogurisama147/24 8:55PM
Still new to Gears of war. I love the digger for MP
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BushidoEffect3187/24 8:52PM
PotD, Rate the video game song: Day 26 - Bayside City (Android Assault) (Poll)quigonzel57/24 8:51PM