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Ok this mind f***ed me for a second.
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one of the devs from "The Order 1886" reviews his own game.AladdinSane22/27 10:35AM
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Why do people still believe in God nowadays? (Poll)
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What has been your most expensive luxury expense this past year?
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Agree or Disagree: "You'll understand when you have kids." (Poll)
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Taco salad.
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SunWuKung420182/27 9:34AM
Donkey Kong Country/Land 1,2,3 now on Nintendo E shop for USAJoanOfArcade82/27 9:08AM
We have mice in the housegrape_purple72/27 9:05AM
I just reminded myself on why I hate the digging mini-game in Okami so much.lorekai62/27 8:58AM
Fun Things While Drinking?
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JediMutant362/27 8:53AM
Fifty Shades of Grey is sickThe_Sexorcist82/27 8:48AM
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Anyone know what happened to Mikubook?TES_Nut12/27 8:45AM
New Square-Enix designed Iron Man figure...
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pionear142/27 8:18AM
you know whats a satisfying feeling?argonautweekynd32/27 8:17AM