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C/D Petite girls with fair skin and nice hair.
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FellWolf129/28 2:38PM
PotD I finally found the female analogue to NeckbeardsJudgmenl29/28 2:35PM
how do you say gif? (Poll)
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Ogurisama419/28 2:33PM
Should countries & game developers limit how much you can play video games?
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UraRenge2005239/28 2:33PM
will long hair keep me from getting a job?
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humptyrump279/28 2:03PM
Why didn't the mugger kill Bruce too?
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party_animal07119/28 2:02PM
I'm through giving people money!Dan042939/28 1:56PM
Will the next generation have a concept of money? (wall o' text)SKARDAVNELNATE109/28 1:55PM
...paul from newegg left newegg.helIy29/28 1:55PM
i will bump this thread until senpai notices memayu78019/28 1:54PM
I haven't left the bed at all todayBNVshark12379/28 1:52PM
Test to to tell if you're not a product of agenda driven media.VioletZer059/28 1:47PM
Aero press > french press > moka pot > everything else > drip maker
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r7gerrabbit129/28 1:41PM
Relative noob trying to get into programming(mildly). HELP
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OmegaTomHank309/28 1:32PM
Which of these three albums should I buy next? (Poll)Krow_Incarnate99/28 1:26PM
Does the Silver Surfer ever go regular surfing?brisashi89/28 1:15PM
I just read a manga about a socially-stunted chronic hypnoxer.
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Milleyd229/28 1:01PM
when watching videos on crunchyroll and other sites, how do i get rid of themiczz69/28 12:42PM
Today's Poll -- Most important part of online multiplayerDaverids19/28 12:40PM
C/D You drive (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY149/28 12:27PM