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Do you hate your parents?
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New Zealand Personnel Commit to Iraq and Take the Country's ONLY Gun!! (Poll)Crazymaori (M)82/26 2:56AM
do I have to see Big Hero 1-5 to understand Big Hero 6?
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Kanakiri162/26 2:46AM
How much do you pay for rent and how do you pay for it
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iliveforlife242/26 2:23AM
How do you know if you have a liver-poisoning?
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TesstheGoblin122/26 2:17AM
Dinosaurs make people gay
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Ogurisama272/26 2:00AM
don't you hate people like this?NightMareBunny62/26 1:44AM
SB Allen?
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pionear112/26 1:19AM
I looked into the eyes of a middle eastern woman wearing a headscarf.AC_Dragonfire32/26 1:11AM
23 y/o Muslim Girl who won 20k for Discrimination on AF has reward DROPPED!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle192/26 12:47AM
This 19 y/o tied, whipped, punched and raped a Girl after watching 50 Shades... (Poll)
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Full Throttle322/26 12:01AM
This Pig escaped in China and prayed at this Buddhist Temple!..but was Killed... (Poll)
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Full Throttle152/25 11:31PM
lol, hi guyshelIy12/25 11:18PM
Would you join any of these dating sites?Ogurisama12/25 11:17PM
PotD, what should I do for the next 3 hours?Ferarri61942/25 11:09PM
Yellow NES Zelda cartridge?
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Sathoff112/25 11:00PM
which 3DS Game would make a better addition to my library? (Poll)NightMareBunny92/25 10:59PM
*headdesk* Why can I only work when I'm all coked/coffeed up?
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Lokarin162/25 10:24PM
A snapshot of the good old days of potd tinychat.
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Umitencho232/25 10:15PM
This California Man is Angering his Neighbors by putting this outside his House (Poll)Full Throttle92/25 10:12PM