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Guy at work cut his left hand off.
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Who wants to play a short game of PotDer Civilization V
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AwesomeTurtwig391/25 4:22AM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Round 1: Match 25: James Bond vs. Resident Evil (Poll)
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How long until time is metricized?
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What happened to SF cross Tekken? is it any good? never played itRyan-0671/25 4:04AM
How is it acceptable to completely break a game with a patch and not fix it?
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mario_gamer111/25 2:09AM
modern military is kind of a drunk jokeJoanOfArcade41/25 1:59AM
You wont believe what PotD thinks about you *CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT*
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i betrayed kana!
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Ogurisama171/25 1:07AM
Lupe Fiasco's new "Tetsuo and Youth" album is literally the best rapESMWjot41/25 1:04AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 336 Shrek (Poll)scubasteve42101/25 12:28AM
What did your classmates in highschool call McDonalds?
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acesxhigh441/25 12:23AM
I've been getting more social lately, and..Muscles_42081/25 12:00AM
14-year-old Chloe Kim is now the youngest Winter X Games gold medalist.Final Fantasy238921/24 11:48PM
spiciest food in NYCtarnishedash11/24 11:31PM
This is definitely one of the ugliest watches of all timeargonautweekynd71/24 11:28PM
So what's the PotD consensus on the Sega Saturn?
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Best Western?: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or Once Upon a Time in the West (Poll)
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Do you own a gas mask?NeoSioType81/24 10:57PM
I shower with... (Poll)
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Slayer7861151/24 10:55PM