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Why do people say college costs too much money?
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Poll5253289/21 9:43PM
"Prove that sqrt(6) is irrational"
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AwesomeTurtwig139/21 9:43PM
I just did a let's play of Five Night's at Freddy's
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AwesomeTurtwig529/21 9:43PM
Google Now, Siri, or Cortana? (Poll)WastelandCowboy39/21 9:42PM
PotD Gun Topic
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SIvIart_USMC1719/21 9:41PM
btw people Nintendo is already working on their next home console
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Ogurisama469/21 9:40PM
Chunk from the Goonies is a successful lawyer nowAwesomeTurtwig29/21 9:39PM
"I lived without a computer and a cell phone when I was your age." so...
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AC_Dragonfire119/21 9:38PM
ISIS is making me me more racist everydaySt_Kevin69/21 9:37PM
Potato? (Poll)WhatPoll79/21 9:37PM
i found original vinyl copies of led zeppelin 1 2 and 3 in my garage.argonautweekynd29/21 9:37PM
my mouse is the razer naga, and i lost the gripshelIy59/21 9:36PM
I don't get white girls....WaterImp79/21 9:34PM
i take the elevatorhelIy39/21 9:31PM
I want to get into board games more... Any suggestions?bandeku99/21 9:30PM
Today's poll: Backing up dataTerrisUS29/21 9:28PM
It's official! My IP has been banned from GoNintendo!Storrac89/21 9:26PM
Seems I'll be heading back to Scottsdale, my aunts mother just passed away
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Melon_Master139/21 9:20PM
I have severe confidence issues. I think I know a way to fix it.
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BNVshark123219/21 9:13PM
The rest of this year is going to be awesome for my gaming pleasure.Judgmenl79/21 9:06PM