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I think that Face McShooty is my favorite Borderlands 2 character
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AwesomeTurtwig137/24 6:15PM
I have an 11-hour flight today, PotD.Sarcasthma37/24 6:05PM
I forgot about the latest Edguy release! Listening now and it's so awesome.bluPython17/24 6:03PM
Poll results make me sadNessInEagleland17/24 5:58PM
You log in and see: "Inbox (1)" (Poll)
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Arctic_Sunrise457/24 5:45PM
We should play Cards Against Humanity.
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newsuperdude807/24 5:07PM
This is so ****ing dumb (Kingdom Hearts).bluPython107/24 4:59PM
Here's a weird video game retelling/"fanfic" that I wrote back in 2007.Milleyd47/24 4:59PM
Still trying to nail that perfect risotto.Lokarin97/24 4:47PM
Ubuntu Users: Looking for an OS recommendation for an XPS M1710
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Melon_Master177/24 4:36PM
Well **** this.bluPython17/24 4:34PM
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is so bad so far.
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bluPython147/24 4:33PM
Having a bit of a port forwarding issueBoogieonover17/24 4:29PM
"How much would it cost?" "To do a durable power of attorney, we charge $80."Milleyd77/24 4:25PM
Did I play Baseball or not? (Poll)Gradieus67/24 4:15PM
I finished reading Half-Blood Prince. Ask me anything. *spoilers until Book 6*
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T-dus217/24 4:15PM
The Legend of Korra being taken of the air.
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Storrac527/24 4:01PM
I'm cleaning my bathroom right nowdormcaste57/24 3:53PM
Hey BTB.SoBe77/24 3:49PM
There is another intern at work who is pissing me if offAwesomeTurtwig87/24 3:11PM