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Rate the PotDer - Day Eighty - Tutoria (Poll)SpeeDLeemon25/22 8:06PM
my god, this is the snack of the gods :D
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S_Fox115/22 8:06PM
I need drawing practice and it's WAY TOO HOT HERE!!!!
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Lokarin155/22 8:06PM
wiener schnitzel set the bar too damn high! >:/S_Fox15/22 8:05PM
I like how the Game of Thrones musical is out and suddenly nobody is outraged...
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papercup215/22 8:05PM
Sports Discussion Topic #120: The Road to the Stanely Cup Final
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SpeeDLeemon3775/22 8:05PM
i think I'm pregnantSHADOW010625/22 8:04PM
Where my marathon runners at?grumble_roar35/22 8:04PM
After drunk man says something racist, onlookers move to table further awayAnti-DuckBear65/22 8:04PM
Saturns opposition is tonightArtistScientist35/22 8:04PM
I want supernatural zombies to make a comeback.brisashi65/22 8:02PM
Mike Huckabee stands by Duggar family, despite molestations.WastelandCowboy25/22 8:02PM
Do you play video games to fill a hole in your life?Chef_Excellence85/22 8:01PM
GBA > SNES (tbqh)
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Judgmenl195/22 7:59PM
YLYL (You Laugh You Lose) (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32155/22 7:59PM
Nice my Dualshock 2 to USB adapter came in.
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Judgmenl155/22 7:58PM
Day 3 without cigarettes.
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SpeeDLeemon675/22 7:58PM
This 27 y/o Girl said her Brother is the Hottest Guy Ever..Now he's in PRISON!!! (Poll)Full Throttle35/22 7:57PM
I'm playing earthbound for the first time (spoilers)Action5365/22 7:55PM
I don't really watch Game of Thrones, but I caught one of the recent? fightsLokarin105/22 7:49PM