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This is how we in New Zealand make a f***ing news report.raymanfan1212/21 12:51AM
I have risen from the dead!
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Anime, Manga, VN, Osu, JRPG and Related Things Discussion Topic XXXXI-2
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Almost just died.w00t_D312/21 12:45AM
What are your Christmas traditions?AwesomeTurtwig312/21 12:39AM
Looking for acoustic musicacesxhigh112/21 12:38AM
C/D Your grandparents are still alive now (Poll)
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Let's Play Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life! (Megathread)
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Do you cut your own hair?
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its like 3am here but, hey tinychat?AmeliaJane16212/21 12:28AM
Picked up an NES for $10 at Good Will, fixed the pin connector,newsuperdude212/21 12:26AM
What do you consider your greatest gaming accomplishment?
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bachewychomp3912/21 12:23AM
The better "How many of your grandparents are alive?" poll. (Poll)
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SunWuKung4201812/21 12:21AM
Okay Xbone people post yer gamertags here
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I just watched the new Planet of the Apes movies and have one question...
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JamaalCharles391312/21 12:11AM
How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?HeroofDark212/21 12:10AM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 57 - Guile's Theme (Street Fighter II) (Poll)
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quigonzel1512/21 12:08AM
i just got a cowon m2 mp3 player and good lord the interface sucksargonautweekynd312/20 11:57PM
So anyone hear listen to the Serial podcast?Super_Thug44612/20 11:49PM
Can you believe it's been 5 years since Billy Mays died?Metro2512/20 11:44PM