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Frequently when I poop, I sing "keep on poopin' in the free world!"Captain-Trips44/15 7:00AM
ACTUAL funniest potder contest. Bracket #2 (Poll)
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Troll_Police_274/15 6:51AM
This is a couple years old but awesome. Chucky bus stop ad prank video.SunWuKung42034/15 6:45AM
why do all creepypasta readers on youtube(most anyways)wear masks?!NightMareBunny74/15 6:22AM
WTF!? I got moderated for "Spoiler without warning"
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RayKnight444/15 4:41AM
Heads-up, if you have an iPhone, be careful with iOS update 8.3.WastelandCowboy64/15 3:32AM
Thinking of getting this Crossman pellet pump pistol for $38, yay or nay? :x
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Melon_Master174/15 2:37AM
It's a cruel cruel summerAnonymousUser24/15 2:17AM
Since I just got a PS Vita, add my to your friends, PSN: Cantaloupe_Pope
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Melon_Master354/15 1:38AM
I'm down to clown 'till I'm dead in the ground.raymanfan134/15 1:25AM
If you care, I'm doing a playthrough topic on the M&M: World of Xeen board.Blaqthourne54/15 1:19AM
You are President. You declare war on peace. But then declare war on war.
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TheWorstPoster114/15 12:54AM
Dayum!! Went on a 13 game win streak in a lobby in MKX with Kitana...quigonzel54/15 12:08AM
"Can I PM you?" "Do you do private shows?" they ask...GrimCyclone94/15 12:04AM
I love mayonnaise.knivesX200424/14 11:56PM
Its almost that time to replay Final Fantasy IV
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MechaKirby324/14 11:21PM
This Guy FATTENED Up his Girlfriend so that No Guy would hit on her!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle194/14 11:14PM
gamefaqs is an over the roll type of dudes.ReggieBush0914/14 10:55PM
When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.raymanfan184/14 10:50PM
You guys ever watch "Shoe0nHead's" videos on YouTube?GrimCyclone84/14 10:48PM