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A girl said she liked me today... (TL;DR prone)
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Komaiko54193/31 11:36AM
In your opinion, what is the best part of a woman? (Poll)Unbridled993/31 11:35AM
Rate this Villain day 392 Lo-Pan (Poll)scubasteve4213/31 11:34AM
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The Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Closed Beta starts 1 day before April 1st. (Poll)DarkKirby250023/31 11:10AM
For those that played it, how's Mario Party 10?bandeku43/31 11:06AM
No Pillars of Eternity in pollalsroboshack43/31 10:53AM
Whatever happened to that CE/PotDer who burned down a church?Storrac93/31 10:52AM
zombies should be thinning on walking dead, and bullets not wasted
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Zikten203/31 10:50AM
PotD Gun Topic Part 3
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Tameric1753/31 10:49AM
What april 1st Lies/PranksBlazeAndBlade53/31 10:48AM
I think I've improved quite a bit as a photographer over the last three years.
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SIvIart_USMC123/31 10:43AM
I just bought fallout 3 dlc and nowIreland_FTW53/31 10:38AM
Should I buy final Fantasy X?
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BNVshark123333/31 10:37AM
Who wants a country in the PotD universe?
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AwesomeTurtwig443/31 10:33AM
So what is exactly is happening with the Megaman franchise?TinyTankX73/31 10:30AM