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Watch British people make fun ourselves and our pomposity!Arctic_Sunrise111/24 10:01PM
My daughter turns two today.Stupid Pirate Guy311/24 9:40PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 599| The Sopranos (Poll)Slayer7861611/24 9:34PM
Well, that was distractingWhatPoll811/24 9:33PM
Troy Baker vs. Nolan North (Poll)FinalXemnas311/24 9:32PM
just had a redditor tell me I can't say "m8" because I'm not british
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acesxhigh1311/24 9:21PM
My wife is going to kill me, but on my way home for dinner I got a pizza..
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Melon_Master5511/24 9:12PM
Gettin preeeeetty sick of my job.
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DirtBasedSoap1711/24 9:02PM
When will Duckbear talk about Ferguson?edededdy511/24 8:36PM
So which of the Fellowship of the Ring was the best fighter? (Poll)Sardanapallus711/24 8:36PM
Another Ferguson topic.ScooterHodunk411/24 8:35PM
When I dress casually, I get mistaken for a drug dealer.
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keyblader19851711/24 8:35PM
Ferguson verdict will be released in 10 mins.
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CiIantro1611/24 8:33PM
I don't get this meme.Lobomoon711/24 8:15PM
I don't know what got me so frustrated.Judgmenl511/24 8:08PM
ITT: Random humorous* images
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keyblader19855811/24 8:07PM
Vault 11 in Fallout New Vegas just made me fall in love with the game
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metalconkerrr3311/24 8:03PM
Such a peaceful protestWhatPoll411/24 7:32PM
I think my processor fan is dyingbachewychomp1011/24 7:30PM
This 26 y/o White Girl accidentally shot herself in the head cause of Ferguson (Poll)
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Full Throttle2911/24 7:17PM