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Micheal Bay has something to say and that is that he thinks you are....
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Is there a cyberpunk story about robots scared about becoming more human?Lokarin27/22 11:39AM
Are you getting the Dark Souls 2 DLC today? (Poll)
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Raganork10227/22 11:39AM
So what if I don't have a female protagonist in my game/story...Zareth97/22 11:39AM
shiny doduo!Nade Duck57/22 11:39AM
How much do yout hinki I can get for this laptop?njkking0137/22 11:29AM
Ellie talks about Ubisoft, Ass Creed and females.
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Legendary Simpsons Character getting Killed off is Revealed!! **SPOILERS** (Poll)Full Throttle67/22 11:22AM
If your hair were to stop growing...joeA3157/22 11:22AM
PotD, I have a terrible confession to make.HeroofDark47/22 11:17AM
I decide to rewatch Bleach, dubbed via Hulu.
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SunWuKung420217/22 11:14AM
Highest paid actor earns more than twice as much as highest paid actress.
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Day 10 - Quarter-finals round 2: Best of PotD tourny - Krogan Vs Kana (Poll)
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Rate/Critique my 8-Bit Ninja... (Poll)pionear47/22 11:10AM
Can Superman be decapitated?Kl0wn_Numb3rs87/22 11:06AM
OMG, Wii U would be perfect for another Knights in the Nightmarepapercup107/22 10:58AM
why do my reddit posts keep getting tagged as "self"Nade Duck67/22 10:57AM
Hottest Dr Who companion (Poll)
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yourDaddie247/22 10:56AM
Just came back from a 7 day cruiseTreGooda67/22 10:11AM
Anyone interested in a diablo 2 run? Possibly starting this weekend?
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