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I can't believe there hasn't been a Metroid at least announced for Wii U/3DS yet
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raymanfan11110/24 2:30PM
I'm surprised South Park hasn't made fun of The Shining until nowfrybrain0094410/24 2:30PM
I just won the game.
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Judgmenl1610/24 2:22PM
Hi Freeze, I'm BatmanMetro2110/24 2:13PM
ebola's in new york now?
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PollGuy542910/24 2:06PM
How hard is it to switch a PS3 hard drive?DeltaBladeX610/24 2:03PM
was there as much anger for the firing of Jeff Gerstman and Geoff Keighley'sBotnus912210/24 2:02PM
Wii U First Impressions... kind of...
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Mehere1110/24 2:01PM
The final season of American Horro Story should involve characters from everyCaptain-Trips410/24 1:49PM
So, my friend's cuy is alergic to humansyourDaddie410/24 1:44PM
so, AC:Unity has some pretty high hardware requirements
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Troll_Police_3810/24 1:32PM
Whats your favorite kind of sushi
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AmeliaJane164010/24 1:15PM
October is castlevania month!
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Dmess851510/24 1:09PM
Is Destiny worth playing still? Are people still playing it?Kanakiri510/24 12:58PM
Best game developer/publisher (Poll)
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yourDaddie1310/24 12:50PM
Kid catches Rare Shiny Deer!
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MicrosoftLover2710/24 12:49PM
To any Warhammer 40k table top players. How's the playstyle of the Orks?InfestedAdam1010/24 12:36PM
Anyone know anything about the Winter Soldier mask you can buyWaterImp110/24 12:36PM
how long do you prepare for testes?yourDaddie310/24 12:27PM
Canada is deploying troops to Iraq today. There was/is a shooter in Ottawa now
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Doctor Foxx8010/24 12:12PM