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Pick the next Telltale game. (Poll)Sylvia_Dia611/28 9:16PM
Gah, what the hell is wrong with people? Now my knuckles are bleeding...
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Arctic_Sunrise1211/28 9:14PM
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SPACE FAN-FIC: Chapter Two Continued
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Arctic_Sunrise3011/28 9:10PM
Finally playing The Stick of Truth.
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Doctor Foxx1211/28 9:08PM
I have 150* copies of Mario/Duck Hunt... does that count?Lokarin111/28 9:02PM
I'm running around skyrim as a neked lady wearing a cloak killing villagers.Judgmenl511/28 8:59PM
Are there any games like Fantasy Life on the steam?Lokarin211/28 8:59PM
what's with women being called "sir" in the military in fiction?S_Fox811/28 8:56PM
I'm playing through Skyrim for the first time.
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LanHikari10 (M)4311/28 8:54PM
Recommend me RPG Maker style horror games!Xade76811/28 8:54PM
Are Christians more homophobic than Muslims?CiIantro711/28 8:49PM
Black people get their own month AND their own day?green dragon1011/28 8:48PM
I'm hungry and it hurts to eat.grape_purple211/28 8:45PM
Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is officially out
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Metro210211/28 8:45PM
Have you ever had a very mild symptom that lasted for way too long?Lokarin711/28 8:40PM
how can anyone say Japan Is Irrelevant in the video game industry?
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NightMareBunny4111/28 8:38PM