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whats the appeal of free stuff?Retroxgamer067/22 2:01PM
Saw Owen Wilson at a local eatery today...quigonzel87/22 2:00PM
What Religion (or non-religion) do you affiliate with? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei857/22 1:59PM
Did you know beaver bums smell like Vanilla?
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St_Kevin117/22 1:39PM
Mario Kart is making me chubby.
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ZiggiStardust177/22 1:37PM
Do you take this poster seriously? Day 2 - Duke (Poll)
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edededdy197/22 1:29PM
Something weird happened on my way to the gym today.Alpha_Duck_17/22 1:21PM
My cousin was pecked by a poisonous bird in AustraliaMetal_Gear_Link107/22 1:19PM
Real life now looks like a PS1 titleWhatPoll77/22 1:17PM
attn ages boy (also ziggi is so butthurt)
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Ashphantom157/22 1:13PM
Why does Nostalgia Critic use extra people in his reviews these days?Metro297/22 1:11PM
SoraaaaOmegaTomHank27/22 1:08PM
Congratulations! You've just won a night w one of these classic sex icons! Pick (Poll)
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blutoblutarskyX367/22 1:03PM
Many people are too awful to keep pets. Don't be one of the idiots. :/
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Doctor Foxx357/22 12:45PM
Dazed, I'm calling you out for the Starcraft 2 match!shadowsword8757/22 12:34PM
I don't get why so many of you hate on all the gimick accounts (Closed)
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SchmensWife727/22 12:34PM
Hittler vs Stalin vs Mao vs pot vs Leopold II vs Husein vs Andrew Jackson vs (Poll)
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yourDaddie187/22 12:34PM
Drop Bears more likelly to attack turists in Australia than Australian citizensMetal_Gear_Link27/22 12:32PM
Do Fruity Pebbles taste okay with chocolate milk?Milleyd77/22 12:29PM
Gotta love that freedom-envy nonamericans have.bluPython77/22 12:29PM