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Yay! I got into the Supernova Alpha!Judgmenl43/5 3:17PM
So now that I will be using a 1440p monitor I need to upgrade my graphics card.
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FellWolf123/5 2:24PM
RollerCoaster Tycoon World gameplay!!!Raganork10103/5 2:20PM
Ever feel like girl's bodies would be sexier if there wasn't so much fat?
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Johnny_Girlziel663/5 2:19PM
What do you guys think of Motion City Soundtrack...ArctheLad1353/5 2:17PM
Going to give this girl I work with the opportunity of a lifetime by banging herThe_Alpha_MaIe63/5 2:13PM
Who would you consider your best friends on PotD?
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quigonzel303/5 2:05PM
Almost got in a nasty car wreck out there.argonautweekynd33/5 1:55PM
Who is this?Krow_Incarnate53/5 1:42PM
Here's a tattoo ideaargonautweekynd13/5 1:42PM
Just got my Tattoo colored.ShinRaKnight53/5 1:39PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Top 16: Match 7: James Bond vs. Marvel Cinematic U (Poll)
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quigonzel303/5 1:33PM
Are you VioletZer0? (Poll)
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SkynyrdRocker123/5 1:28PM
help me, potd, i need to find music just like this...ZiggiStardust13/5 1:25PM
Mmmmm fried egg on a hamburger patty is derriciousSuper_Thug4473/5 1:19PM
Everything seems stupid to me and I hate pretty much everyonekmerchandise83/5 1:17PM
I just got back from Africa. Ask me anything.
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RPGMaster Right Here913/5 1:01PM
Why do fat women want to force people to consider them attractive?
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yourDaddie1193/5 12:59PM
I'm going to bulk to 250.ASlaveObeys13/5 12:48PM
Today we make great chili in under an hour.
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Doctor Foxx163/5 12:29PM