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I bought a 7" record today for 50 cents with a funk rendition of the SW themeargonautweekynd59/23 1:06PM
How do you want your body to be handled after you die?
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VioletZer0239/23 1:06PM
Pick a # 1-10, and you gain the power of... (Poll)
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KogaSteelfang179/23 1:05PM
%17 Have never played a game with online chat?
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JTekashiro149/23 1:03PM
So. Gauntlet, so far, is incredibly fun.w00t_D89/23 1:01PM
Does Bruce Wayne just PRETEND to enjoy being a rich playboy surrounded by women?
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Vicaris219/23 12:58PM
post a pic of yourself and i will draw a chibi of you
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Nade Duck539/23 12:45PM
Attention americans getting hyrule warriors on friday.Kimbos_Egg19/23 12:41PM
The official Gauntlet (Steam) players topicDeltaBladeX29/23 12:35PM
Caught my dogs finishing off a heaping pile of stray cat poo.brisashi59/23 12:29PM
post a picture of your self and I'll draw a chibi of you
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Ao_Ryuu54319/23 12:28PM
Rate my stew. (Poll)
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SunWuKung420439/23 12:25PM
Do you have a mountain? I do.TwyliteSprinkle39/23 12:21PM
God I love Sonic Adventure 2:battleTwyliteSprinkle89/23 12:18PM
Why do some rpg players call their characters toons?NeoSioType109/23 12:16PM
When did you realize that video game story telling surpassed cinemaJoanOfArcade59/23 12:15PM
I HATE how my smartphone has two separate volume levels
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SullyTheStrange179/23 12:11PM
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Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 226 Tuxedo Mask (Poll)scubasteve4249/23 12:08PM
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