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Do you think the skrulls vs kree will ever make it into the MCU films? SPOILERS.
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Daggerfall has better gameplay than Morrowind.HoonDing19/14 11:26AM
SSB 3DS demo is pretty great.
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Captain_Drek349/14 11:19AM
My cat and dog started fighting after I passed gas.-Kitt-39/14 11:15AM
Wow my writing skills in the 6th grade were atrocious
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Super_Thug44149/14 11:12AM
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I started playing pokemon emerald again
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Watched Captain America 2. SO many questions! marvel cinematic universe SPOILERS
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saspa149/14 10:48AM
what video game company cares most about the fans and loves what they do?
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NightMareBunny209/14 10:48AM
PotD, it's Apple Cider season!
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Django Unchained Actress handcuffed by Racist LAPD Cops who thought she was a... (Poll)
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