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what should i play?helIy11/26 12:34PM
Awesome Contest!!! Post here!!! Person to make me laugh the hardest wins!!!Stupid Pirate Guy101/26 12:32PM
This pic explains how I am feeling right now
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Judgmenl111/26 12:30PM
Best jobs to play videogames
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fantomas418161/26 12:30PM
Is it a requirement to be stupid to work at McDonalds or somerthing ?
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313800381/26 12:29PM
It took me a long time to get my strength back after a minor surgery.Dynalo31/26 12:28PM
Attack France or Portugal? (Poll)
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St_Kevin141/26 12:28PM
I'm playing Armored Core 3 on PSP. The story is actually really cool.Ferarri61981/26 12:27PM
Almost got myself fired today and might lose the job anyway in april
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Zikten191/26 12:26PM
Bunnyhug > Hoodie
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Dynalo201/26 12:23PM
Dear Japan...Gunsandredroses71/26 12:22PM
Bad, poll is bad. I could easily play a game at work without getting caught, but
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ZBug_451/26 12:19PM
so i'm using Cortana on windows 10, and it's nothelIy91/26 12:19PM
Whenever I'm having a bad day, cr1tikal makes me feel better.Metro221/26 12:18PM
Post fan art for the above posted gameDeltaBladeX61/26 12:17PM
How often do you use SpeedTest!
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Ryan-06211/26 12:17PM
Emma Watson cast as Belle in upcoming Live-Action Beauty and the Beast movie.
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Final Fantasy2389161/26 12:12PM
f*** smash bros, the best wii u game of holiday 2014 was captain toad.
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ZiggiStardust301/26 12:05PM
I am Adam. Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull!BroodRyu11/26 12:02PM
What IF dreaming occurred both ways?
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WhatPoll241/26 12:01PM