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An interesting read about the color blue. Apparently it didn't exist long ago.
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GameLord113223/1 7:51PM
My cousin used to call it cheating when I look at his screen during Double Dash.EclairReturns93/1 7:44PM
Pinocchio came out 75 years ago.Metro273/1 7:40PM
gamestop still didn't have Any Copies of MH4U.....NightMareBunny53/1 7:38PM
America is all about speed.... Hot, nasty, badass speed!quigonzel83/1 7:24PM
Everything I like is underrated.Chef_Excellence23/1 7:08PM
still remember when claire was hot?
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mayu780293/1 7:08PM
Coheed and Cambria TopicCaptain-Trips63/1 7:02PM
Rate that TV show | Day 680 | Sons of Guns (Poll)Slayer33/1 7:02PM
New Game of Thrones clips and new poster...looks eerie!Captain-Trips53/1 7:00PM
My White Blood Cell count is 1.9k
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spooky96163/1 6:58PM
Today I discovered I'm completely unable to ride on a bicycle.
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CaioNV223/1 6:58PM
F*** if the Vita board isn't awful
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BNVshark123243/1 6:53PM
Kvothe or Ambrose? (Poll)KJ StErOiDs63/1 6:48PM
MH4U Come Play! Raising HR, etcReggieTheReckless83/1 6:47PM
Was going through my old Liked Videos on youtube...
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Blighboy113/1 6:46PM
What do you think of this music video?Metro253/1 6:44PM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Top 16: Match 4: The Dark Knight vs. Rocky (Poll)
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quigonzel233/1 6:41PM
Other than my family I've only told one woman I love her
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Erik_P183/1 6:40PM
REMINDER: Never go to the dark corners of Youtube.RebeccDOS93/1 6:38PM