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Saved by the Bell Cast slam Dustin Diamond as they will never talk to him again (Poll)Full Throttle212/24 12:05AM
Why did around 2011 the poll swayed to spending time with family and friends?ReggieBush09312/24 12:04AM
It's time for my yearly run of Twilight Princess
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AwesomeTurtwig1512/23 11:59PM
Anyone else can't help but think of Star Wars when watching Fury?darcandkharg31612/23 11:57PM
man i hate these random ass download websitesargonautweekynd212/23 11:36PM
What are you drinking tonight?
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Sardanapallus2812/23 11:21PM
Halo 5 looks like Call of Duty.
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Metro21512/23 11:07PM
Something doesn't seem right about this, but I can't figure out what.BreakingBadder912/23 10:58PM
Would you pay $100 to spoon with your crush for 10 minutes? (Poll)
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Johnny_Girlziel5612/23 10:56PM
Look what my fiance bought me for Christmas!
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Flutershy7412/23 10:41PM
I'm surprised Obama wasn't pissed at Sony for MAKING The Interview.Ferarri619412/23 10:38PM
When did you last ... (Day 1) (Closed)WastelandCowboy512/23 10:33PM
You cannot longer be a homo (Poll)
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yourDaddie1312/23 10:20PM
Has science gone too far? Is this image real or fake?
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newsuperdude3012/23 10:18PM
Waiting for FF13-2 to unpack: First Impressions Run! *spoilers*
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Lokarin2912/23 9:58PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 627 | Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Poll)Slayer7861912/23 9:57PM
Christmas seems like a whole lot of "meh" with each additional year.
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WastelandCowboy1112/23 9:23PM
Would you play Kingdom Hearts 3/FF15 on PS4 or XBOX One?? (Poll)Full Throttle312/23 9:14PM
We have supercomputers in our pockets now that can download megabytes/secChef_Excellence312/23 9:09PM
Started Assassin's Creed Unity.Storrac212/23 9:07PM