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I want a soft marshmallowy kinda RPG
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Lokarin291/24 2:38PM
Can someone decipher this email for me?AwesomeTurtwig41/24 2:27PM
Jesus Christ, $160 for a lego set.
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WastelandCowboy241/24 2:27PM
Is putting "no trolls" in the topic title pointless? (Poll)knightoffire5561/24 2:27PM
You think my 4 yearold nephew would like the movie TotoroSt_Kevin61/24 2:26PM
Sweet, updating my GPU driver made my computer not detect my secondary monitor.
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bachewychomp271/24 2:26PM
This 25 y/o American Transgender Woman is moving to the UK for a FREE Surgery!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle411/24 2:18PM
ITT I rank the several engineering majors.Gu3rri11a31/24 2:18PM
It's tax season. Do you report anything under Use Tax? (Poll)InfestedAdam51/24 2:12PM
I hate when "time played" keeps going even when a game is paused...Mehere81/24 1:45PM
What exactly is it that you think you're doing?MetaKirbyFan31/24 1:42PM
What's your favorite book?
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StripedTiger201/24 1:24PM
rate my small comic collectionMuscles_42041/24 1:04PM
I spilled soup on my laptop and now the keys are acting up ;_;
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TheSlinja191/24 12:54PM
I'm on day three of my diet.
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Mr_melodramatic271/24 12:12PM
I think my calculator's brokenWhatPoll21/24 11:26AM
Weasel News.WastelandCowboy11/24 11:16AM
I dreamed that I had sex with Aria from Mass Effect 2.Metro281/24 11:13AM
What is Muscles' favorite band???
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bachewychomp211/24 11:06AM
This Black Teacher could go to prison for showing Teens a Horror Movie!! Fair? (Poll)
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Full Throttle191/24 11:03AM