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Do you own an eighth-generation gaming console? (Poll)
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EclairReturns3412/22 2:25PM
I find this topic offensiveWhatPoll212/22 2:14PM
Hey Wii U owners, the digital deluxe program is ending really soon.
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papercup2112/22 2:10PM
It's cold in the house, my hands are cold and I'm tempted to touch my wife's
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Melon_Master3012/22 2:02PM
GameTok with Lok: Best bosses in platformersLokarin612/22 2:00PM
What was the game or games that made you fall asleep?
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CNN1112/22 1:57PM
Why should even the Happy HolidaysLokarin112/22 1:55PM
Adamantium Rage!Chef_Excellence112/22 1:48PM
Playing Phoenix Wright for the first time *maybe SPOILERS*
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SkaFrost892112/22 1:36PM
oh s***! on top of my bonus, my work gave me a 2-hundo dollar amazon card!ZiggiStardust912/22 1:35PM
How old is your computer, and does it still work well?
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Metro23012/22 1:26PM
So a guy started s*** with one of our transgender regulars at the bar tonight...
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Arctic_Sunrise22512/22 1:20PM
My Husband Gave me My Christmas Present Early...JediMutant712/22 1:20PM
Would anyone else like to see a Rougue Squadron game on the current Gens?_TheDoctor_912/22 1:18PM
Gay guys. Has anyone ever gave you odd looks?TaKun782112/22 1:15PM
saw an excited kid that was threatened with the loss of presents last nightNightMareBunny712/22 1:02PM
can zombies infect vampires?yourDaddie312/22 12:59PM
thinking of buying skyrim. not sure if my PC can run it. but for fine bucks.....
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green dragon1412/22 12:47PM
Rate this Villain Day 306 Ebenezer Scrooge (Poll)
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scubasteve421112/22 12:27PM
Any opinions on today's poll?Oil_Rope_Bombs212/22 12:01PM