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Which is worse? Fire Emblem: Awakening haters or CoD: Advanced Warfare haters? (Poll)
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DarkKirby2500212/28 1:46PM
Why are tobacco companies not allowed to advertise?
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Muscles_420442/28 1:45PM
Part of a 200 car pile up!Dmess8512/28 1:42PM
Y'all say I have bad taste in games. So recommend me one.
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Dynalo432/28 1:40PM
Comparison of the biggest objects in the universeyourDaddie22/28 1:38PM
So we all agree Vishnu is more powerful than Jehova right?yourDaddie22/28 1:37PM
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How many original Star Trek cast members are still alive?Zikten62/28 1:31PM
Gonna make Nutella French Toast casserole tomorrow morningBlumpykin12/28 1:27PM
Could you tell me who this is?itakwilsimanalo12/28 1:26PM
You discover a secret door in your basement (Paint Picture Adventure!)
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Mehere672/28 1:24PM
My brother seems to be in a fairly bad relationship with his girl friend.
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DelectableTears142/28 1:24PM
hmm? -_-edededdy62/28 1:23PM
Developers still haven't learned not to put three things in their games.
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Arctic_Sunrise572/28 1:20PM
Can anyone help me to not be awful at studying?MabinogiFan22/28 1:16PM
Have you ever thought a gay relationship was cute? (Poll)
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Fimble_the_mage182/28 1:11PM
Berkeley students protest national conference on campus sexual violenceMordantHubris22/28 1:11PM
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Waffles or Pancakes? (Poll)Ogurisama52/28 1:05PM
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