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Single mom can't afford to but things for her kids. She works a min. wage job...
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green dragon2712/17 6:55PM
So why do people prefer Capitalism over Socialism?
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tissue_paper1512/17 6:55PM
Does anyone else feel luxury guilt? (or whatever it's called)Lokarin612/17 6:54PM
Sony really cancelled 'The Interview'?
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Muscles_4201112/17 6:53PM
Games completed in 2014?
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trodi_9111312/17 6:52PM
I can't quite identify what I don't like about the PS3 inFamous games...raymanfan1512/17 6:51PM
The Interview has been cancelled
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DirtBasedSoap3712/17 6:50PM
I, too, used to think about suicide and how easy it would be...WastelandCowboy312/17 6:49PM
I hate waiting on ordered items, especially expensive ones.SIvIart_USMC412/17 6:49PM
I'm replaying the Ace Attorney games (Part 2)
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raymanfan13412/17 6:48PM
CNN's AskACop hashtag backfires horribly.Metro2912/17 6:48PM
Wait a min. I thought USA always says 'we don't negotiate with terrorists'!BushidoEffect3912/17 6:48PM
Sly 2 and 3 and Jak 2 and 3 have aged poorly.
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raymanfan11812/17 6:48PM
how can cheez it's taste stale right out of the box?!NightMareBunny212/17 6:46PM
what games have "bad endings"?humptyrump412/17 6:43PM
I leave for Japan in a few hours. Can't Sleep. Talk to me night PotD
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madadude3812/17 6:43PM
Not a big fan of anime but I'm really enjoying Persona Q
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mastermix30001512/17 6:41PM
Wow, 10 minute penalty for leaving an unplayable Smash match due to lag?quigonzel912/17 6:40PM
Why does everyone act like Pope Francis is such a good guy?
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Storrac1912/17 6:38PM
Did you ever believe any of these as a kid?
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ThePollGuy541512/17 6:38PM