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In Regards to people saying **** about me not knowing how to drive at 25.
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Judgmenl631/23 2:35PM
my unintelligent thoughts on ff7 so far
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Greenfox111261/23 2:33PM
I have a weird relationship with Zelda games.raymanfan131/23 2:24PM
It's time to delete the cube world book mark.DaltonM31/23 2:20PM
Can't vote in today's Amiibo poll. :-/R_Hunter21/23 1:25PM
These Captain America: Civil War memes make me LOL so hard...Captain-Trips51/23 1:21PM
So that psn settlement thing is up for you americans.Kimbos_Egg21/23 1:01PM
I prefer the taste of Coke Zero to the taste of regular Coke.SIvIart_USMC71/23 12:34PM
Clicker Heroes is ruining my life
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frybrain0094211/23 12:25PM
Knock, KnockJoanOfArcade41/23 12:25PM
Amazon plzJoshsonic2671/23 12:14PM
Japanese anime portrays loneliness/isolation extremely accurately.Ferarri61941/23 12:05PM
I have a four hour shift today! So boring!
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Mr_melodramatic261/23 12:02PM
C/D Tom Brady is the greatest Quaterback ever
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Judgmenl491/23 11:59AM
Happy Birthday Bugmeat!DrPrimemaster51/23 11:57AM
I'm a giant pervert.
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ASlaveObeys131/23 11:35AM
Upgraded to Android 5.0.1, Plants vs Zombies not working anymore. Any ideas?CaioNV61/23 11:35AM
So I stumbled onto a potd related thing.sageharpuia81631/23 11:31AM
why is m*********** such a taboo subject on the board?
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ZiggiStardust301/23 11:01AM
Need some ideas for future Superhero/Hero/Antihero and Villains polls
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scubasteve42411/23 11:00AM