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Can someone give me a legitimate reason why people like this are allowed to liveBuddha118725/3 3:40AM
The Mayweather/Pac fight is gonna be like 10-15 minutes away from my house.
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MasterSword546215/3 3:25AM
Questions about Pokemon Colosseum (GC)DeltaBladeX65/3 3:18AM
All wars are now fought like Call of Duty (standard multiplayer)TheWorstPoster25/3 2:30AM
Is arrogance justifiable, if earned?
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ScooterHodunk215/3 2:29AM
The coolest f***ing animal ever series - Day 01 - WOLF! (Poll)
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Zeus205/3 2:24AM
Anyone wanna help me choose a prize for my next contest?
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RayKnight195/3 2:24AM
Is it true for everyone? The color your lips are is the color of your nipples
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r7gerrabbit125/3 1:29AM
I just looked at our sports topic number and thought wow
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JokePoster125/3 12:44AM
I'm scaredoverlordlaharl035/3 12:10AM
dat feel when u wait 4 a princess magical replyrgonautweekend25/3 12:09AM
Banjo-Kazooie spiritual successor revealed... Yooka-Laylee!
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SullyTheStrange485/2 11:54PM
Do any young people use yahoo?
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brisashi255/2 11:44PM
Hey Ash~~~!Lokarin35/2 11:31PM
I bought a few counter strike games in some pack thingy.rgonautweekend15/2 11:02PM
tfw your balls are hanging low and freeJokePoster15/2 10:49PM
I bet people who spent money watching that fight feels like suckersPowerOats55/2 10:44PM
just finished reading celadore, what an underated comic!-Komaiko54M15/2 10:26PM
Anyone watching the fight at home tonight?
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SpeeDIemon245/2 10:20PM
Well, I finally finished Alien Isolation.raymanfan145/2 10:19PM