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Frustrated husband's sex diary goes viral on Reddit
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Iron Man would make a better woman than Thor.r7gerrabbit57/22 5:43PM
I didn't hear your question but the answer is Legend of Dragoon.
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knightoffire55147/22 5:40PM
white males make up most of comic hero's, what was group is 2nd?LemonDestroyer37/22 5:33PM
Anybody seen Snowpiercer?papercup37/22 5:29PM
Y'know what... Daikatana actually isn't that bad, it's kinda neat evenLokarin27/22 5:14PM
What do you use? BC/AD or BCE/CE? (Poll)r7gerrabbit97/22 5:03PM
Holy hell, I am freaking out over the board format changes. (Closed)T-dus37/22 4:54PM
Replaying Pokemon Y (Poll)C0RNISHACID97/22 4:52PM
Hello everyone. I'm me. AMA!?
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ASlaveObeys247/22 4:49PM
Anybody Going to GenCon This Year?JediMutant87/22 4:47PM
Going on a road trip from Dallas to San DiegoBlumpykin37/22 4:43PM
hottest gen 6 pokemon?Ulumina47/22 4:39PM
Anybody know where I can find the ASCII Jackie Chan wtf face?Shinra-Army27/22 4:39PM
How did the whole "I had relations your mom" thing start anyway?
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If I were to make a Walking Dead themed RP on a proboard....
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Sylar_Lives197/22 4:38PM
But... This change is pointless, GameFAQs!CaioNV37/22 4:32PM
Happy 10 years old to my GameFAQs account!
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Of these SNES platforms what was your favorite? (Poll)
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Oh God. Please change it back to the old way gamefaqs.
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