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Remember this?St_Kevin12/1 11:09AM
what would you do if Isis brand Islam turned out to be the one true religion?
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Zikten112/1 11:08AM
Attack France or Portugal? (Poll)
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St_Kevin222/1 11:07AM
When do you swear/cuss?
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Real_Account122/1 11:05AM
It's my mothaf***in birthday
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DirtBasedSoap132/1 11:05AM
I beat tales of legendia last night (spoiler)ernieforss82/1 11:04AM
There's a JRPG thread on /v/ right now addressing why I don't like games as much
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Judgmenl262/1 11:04AM
Wow guys, today's poll is totes ridiculous
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Blighboy112/1 10:57AM
I just want to remind everyone I've never played D&D.Judgmenl22/1 10:52AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 343 Elizabeth Swann (Poll)scubasteve4212/1 10:49AM
Rate this Villain Day 341 James Norrington (Poll)scubasteve4212/1 10:49AM
rate my slacking off at workOgurisama22/1 10:48AM
Sooo.. I acidentally hit a pole, and my headlight broke off...
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green dragon112/1 10:45AM
Race Mecha and I in Vanquish tomorrow!Raganork1082/1 10:43AM
Today's poll is proof that people let bias skew their perception of likelihood.
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Lord_Carlisle162/1 10:37AM
PotD Gun Topic Part 2
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SIvIart_USMC3552/1 10:35AM
Is Yoshi's Story as bad as it looks?JoanOfArcade62/1 10:27AM
Dying Light is GOTY 2015 so far.Zareth102/1 10:26AM
Do you have any Miis in Smash Bros. based on famous characters/celebrities?keyblader198542/1 10:25AM
I'm excited for the big game tonightErik_P62/1 10:24AM