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Terrorist attack in Australia
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Ogurisama2212/16 6:18AM
Nicolas Cage made a great movie. (Poll)
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knightoffire551212/16 6:12AM
The Pirate Bay may be gone forever as one of the creators speak out.... (Poll)
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Full Throttle1512/16 6:11AM
Checks UPS Tracking Details...aDirtyShisno412/16 3:49AM
What happened to the "The Life, Universe, and Everything." board?
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AC_Dragonfire1512/16 3:35AM
What's your favorite gender? (Poll)
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noble banana2012/16 3:26AM
Which Zelda MM box art do you like better? (Poll)
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Death_Of_Effie1812/16 3:07AM
why is it that when you toast a always wake someone upNightMareBunny312/16 2:57AM
Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) playthrough topic: Detroit Lions
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Blaqthourne3212/16 1:23AM
Damn you, Poll of the Day [Topic about the actual poll]CaioNV212/16 12:27AM
The main guy from FInal Fantasy 15 sounds like Batman.MechaKirby712/16 12:07AM
xbox 360 vs ps3: which was better?humptyrump612/16 12:04AM
Would you date/hook up with a chick only b/c of her Rack? (Poll)
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pionear3112/15 11:57PM
There should be a humble crowd funded like thing for regular people like us. (Poll)DaltonM612/15 11:06PM
Felina > Ozymandius
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Captain-Trips3312/15 10:57PM
Why is IKEA s*** so hard to put together?
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Jen01252412/15 10:16PM
would a world ruled by eggman be so badSHADOW0106912/15 10:01PM
Best TV Show from these? (Poll)
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Slayer78611112/15 9:51PM
I can't play games anymoreJoanOfArcade712/15 9:21PM
This is the 34 y/o who died wrestling the Gun from the Sydney ISIS Terrorist.... (Poll)Full Throttle312/15 9:10PM