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Polish is an underrated languageThe_Sexorcist21/22 2:56PM
John Stewart is so awesome.SunWuKung420101/22 2:55PM
Is it possible interlanguage romance?The_Sexorcist21/22 2:54PM
Got some Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate early access demo codes to give away.
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DukeRaoul23161/22 2:50PM
I'm so glad I have tomorrow offErik_P11/22 2:45PM
I have just noticed that a review I have on the site has a spelling error.CaioNV11/22 2:39PM
I played Diablo 3 with a friend for like 3 hours last night.Dynalo51/22 2:36PM
when is it acceptable to add someone on fb?
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Muscles_420241/22 2:35PM
depressed people
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mayu780191/22 2:32PM
I watched the Flavor Flav roast last night.argonautweekynd41/22 2:30PM
PotD, would you look me in my eyes while we make love?madadude41/22 2:18PM
Have you ever finished reading the entire Lord of The Rings book?The_Sexorcist91/22 2:13PM
For the first time in forever, I have a normal BMIN80591/22 1:56PM
When you google "New England" It assumes you want the Patriots.
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Judgmenl271/22 1:56PM
Concerning Hobbits is my favorite piece of 'movie music'.
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raymanfan1111/22 1:53PM
guys, what do you think schmendrake is doing right now?
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ZiggiStardust271/22 1:45PM
Reading my old posts are cringy
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AwesomeTurtwig151/22 1:29PM
Tonight was one of the worst nights evermemoryrainshade81/22 1:17PM
Which version of Final Fantasy Tactics is better: the PS1 or the PSP version?
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EclairReturns271/22 1:08PM
Guys, what do you think clench is doing right now?
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BNVshark123131/22 1:00PM