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What are some of John Williams' best tracks?
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EclairReturns3311/18 3:45AM
Pick the game I try to finish next. Another one? (Poll)
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Blaqthourne2311/18 3:24AM
The Mormon Church admitted this week that Joseph Smith had around 40 wives??
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Melon_Master3011/18 1:59AM
Do you wanna build a snowman?Metro2211/18 1:46AM
Can anyone help me remember this PS1 game?ESMWjot611/18 1:45AM
Alright, I'm done studying...AllstarSniper32311/18 1:41AM
i'm on youtubeZikten511/18 12:46AM
This 29 y/o White American Girl helped recruit ISIS members! Would u execute her (Poll)
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Full Throttle1111/18 12:06AM
I am excited PotDAwesomeTurtwig111/17 11:45PM
You know what's stupid? Practice papers that get themselves wrong in the answersraymanfan1311/17 11:13PM
I just wanted to say how idiotic my high school was. Literally kept thinking IEclairReturns611/17 10:56PM
What should I do? Go to bed and get sleep or push myself for his homeworkSirkukukingz5211/17 10:07PM
So tired of these pollsViper Platinum611/17 10:06PM
Just saw interstellar
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Muscles_4203411/17 10:04PM
Am I understanding this economic concept right?
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acesxhigh1211/17 9:56PM
I never finished Mother/Earthbound 0 (spoilers)BNVshark123111/17 9:46PM
Just got a Wii U! Friend Codes?MechaKirby711/17 9:34PM
I watched the first two episodes of Hellsing Ultimate on blu ray last night.
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DespondentDeity1211/17 9:24PM
Why isn't Valve making Half Life 3?
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MrArmageddon82111/17 9:21PM
ATTN: Nade Duck and Sarcasthmatrodi_911111/17 9:14PM