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Which is the LEAST BIAS news source? (Poll)
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What movies do you think are highly overrated?
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Between drinking, language, and sex with my wife, my life would be rated R. (Closed)
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Suicide and Abortion (Poll)Q_Sensei87/21 4:03PM
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Would you date my sister? (Poll)
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Cold-brewed coffee is expensive to make at home...
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What is your opinion of "gender neutrality" and other non-traditional genders?
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JigsawThought897/21 3:43PM
Don't troll. You know what happens to trolls.knightoffire5537/21 3:42PM
What are some complete comic compendiumsBoogieonover87/21 3:36PM
VIRGINIA hanging out with little boys in spandex I seeBoogieonover17/21 3:34PM
Do you take this poster seriously? Day 1 - WhatPoll (Poll)edededdy57/21 3:31PM
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Question about Shantaepapercup87/21 3:07PM
What is the worst game mechanic in the Pokemon games?ShockKirby8047/21 3:04PM
Road Trip!
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RikkuSwirls157/21 3:02PM
Did I ever get that pic of Lorekai in a dress?
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