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Do you like Geico commercials? (Poll)
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Krow_Incarnate208/23 8:48AM
Have you ever told someone to stop laughing so obnoxiously?Solid Sonic28/23 8:35AM
Do you think men need women? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei348/23 8:28AM
Your girlfriend just got a haircut. Her hair is shorter than yours.
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JaH Reborn688/23 8:23AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 198 Vash the Stampede (Poll)
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scubasteve42128/23 8:21AM
Rate this Villain Day 196 Leatherface (Poll)scubasteve4298/23 8:19AM
$190.80 for all the DLC for DW8XL on SteamKrow_Incarnate68/23 8:12AM
I was just watching some old vlogs I made.Stupid Pirate Guy68/23 7:57AM
Well Yeah PotD! This isn't even my final Form!St_Kevin18/23 7:49AM
I went swimming with my phone in my pocket...
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Flutershy168/23 7:41AM
Tau > PiSt_Kevin58/23 7:35AM
A White Woman shows up at Ferguson to shame the Brown protesters..Big Mistake! (Poll)Full Throttle98/23 7:27AM
Ouch. This guy's ego got obliterated.
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Metro2328/23 7:25AM
Look at what this Police Officer said about Protesters!! Should he be fired?? (Poll)Full Throttle108/23 7:02AM
Is Doctor Who starting on Saturday or Sunday?N80578/23 6:45AM
I hate to say it but... You guys were right...
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Flutershy358/23 6:30AM
bronies vs sonic fanshumptyrump68/23 6:26AM
I have a pick up line with 90% success rate
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Lootman218/23 6:17AM
Manliest Final Fantasy Character (Poll)
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yourDaddie278/23 6:14AM
Most badass character in a videogame?trodi_91188/23 6:12AM