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Jeannie from TeensReact is hot!
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Nominations for the Greatest Game Ever: Topic III - The Cut List
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how hard is bloodborne compared to hipster souls, best souls and mediocre souls?
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My wife refuses to accept that I want to raise our future kids as Saiyans!
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Is it in your opinion that the above poster is a troll?
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Rate the PotDer - Day fifty sex - The_Alpha_MaIe (Poll)The_Alpha_MaIe53/29 10:13PM
What's your favorite dinosaur?
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I can't believe we're more than a fourth into 2015.EclairReturns33/29 10:12PM
A man walks into town on FridayOgurisama43/29 10:05PM
Protip: If you're having a hard time falling asleep, read the Bible.WastelandCowboy43/29 10:05PM
After I finally get MH4U, I barely have any time to play it.Death_Of_Effie33/29 10:04PM
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ATTN: Nade Duck
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Life is Strange Part 2 is out right now!!!
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Steven Universe is giving ol' Stephen Bean a case of the feels.
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