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would comics cost way more if every panel looked as good as the cover?Botnus912411/27 3:03PM
The Ten Commandments: #1 Thou shalt not have other Gods before me. (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1711/27 3:00PM
So this is what a pack of virgins looks like.Metro21011/27 2:55PM
Why does KKK says whites are superior?
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Metal_Gear_Link1211/27 2:53PM
The Ten Commandments: #3 Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1311/27 2:47PM
Darth Vader is a crappy villainThe_Sexorcist211/27 2:46PM
Last Christmas I gabe u mai atJudgmenl411/27 2:21PM
I've been in the airport for 2 hours getting drunk.
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Zangulus2011/27 2:18PM
why are cheez its more expensive than cheese nips?NightMareBunny911/27 2:05PM
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Metro21111/27 2:03PM
Anyone have any android music apps recomendations, winamp is dyingDrPrimemaster411/27 1:44PM
Is it worth it to upgrade my note 3?Viking_Mudcrap111/27 1:21PM
i think playing boderlands 1 over again is gonna make it more fun.argonautweekynd411/27 12:58PM
discriminating mixed breed dogs is as racist as opposing human race mixing.Metal_Gear_Link911/27 12:55PM
Nintendo eShop SaleGanonsSpirit911/27 12:49PM
PETA kills family pet
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Zikten2211/27 12:48PM
Those two redheads singing and dancing at the parade...SIvIart_USMC511/27 12:43PM
trestman might be the worst hc in the leagueMuscles_420611/27 12:43PM
You guys... Superman is hard.saspa611/27 12:22PM
I finally won a smash battle onlineZikten411/27 12:07PM