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Does anyone know how to depressurize a fire extinguisher?
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deadpigs101224/17 4:03PM
pretty much nobody can beat Hillary
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Zikten404/17 4:00PM
Delta tries to clear out some backlog - Uncharted (PS3) (Poll)DeltaBladeX104/17 3:59PM
If i open a business I'll use this as a sign. (Poll)
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jedirood224/17 3:57PM
I pretty much only come here to look at the heifers that duckbear posts aboutArctheLad1384/17 3:56PM
Club Nintendo Gold and Platinum Rewards are out.SkynyrdRocker94/17 3:51PM
In a game of The Prisoner's Dilemma (worth your time if you like game theory) (Poll)
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DarknessLink7184/17 3:51PM
Why do some people/games call their computer controlled characters CPU?
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lihlih424/17 3:46PM
A Thin Lizzy 3-pack came out for Rocksmith today! (Poll)AllstarSniper3234/17 3:20PM
Not gonna lie, this stupid video made me laugh!AllstarSniper3214/17 3:19PM
Really, really don't want kids :/
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Junpeiclover214/17 3:17PM
This 13 y/o Girl was FORCED to apologize to a Mom for ruining her Movie Night!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle194/17 3:13PM
Which one of these are you? (Poll)
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TheWorstPoster174/17 3:08PM
Does anyone here play Neopets?deadpigs10154/17 3:06PM
Which do you prefer to here first? Good news or bad news? (Poll)Swamp_DNA54/17 3:05PM
Could Superman beat Cthulhu?
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VioletZer0314/17 3:00PM
Poll joke: What do you call someone who plays video games on the toilet?
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maniaxe613114/17 2:56PM
So you got Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels after you...Lokarin84/17 2:53PM
I SWEAR I just saw clenchBNVshark12374/17 2:53PM
Have you had Whale Dairy?Lokarin44/17 2:48PM