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I don't understand people who don't tip at restaurants
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JokePoster304/19 4:50PM
Japanese games are going too far in terms of fan service
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Junpeiclover394/19 4:49PM
If you use drive thru at fast food, don't ask us to dispose of your garbage.deadpigs10164/19 4:46PM
WastelandCowboy, why do you make a bunch of topics that you just close later?JokePoster64/19 4:46PM
I don't enjoy playing Fire Emblem games but I love Disgaea games.Lobomoon54/19 4:46PM
A hunter is fighting an endangered animal, you can only save one (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link104/19 4:46PM
Should I nuzlocke Pokemon Gold my first time through?Cosmic_Gunbrain14/19 4:46PM
A stupid question.Lobomoon64/19 4:45PM
What the LAMESTREAM MEDIA isn't telling you SHEEPChef_Excellence74/19 4:45PM
I have returned.
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Arctic_Sunrise544/19 4:41PM
Cat / Chat 3: It's almost kitten season! Cat discussion and appreciation topic
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Doctor Foxx594/19 4:40PM
Longest you've ever gone without showering/bathing?
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Oldognewtrix114/19 4:39PM
Kinda feel like playing some Don't Starve TogetherAllstarSniper3234/19 4:36PM
Finished with my LudumDare32 game.knivesX200414/19 4:34PM
What do you think about people who latch on to inside jokes that they weren'tJokePoster44/19 4:31PM
This Texas Hunter Dies after being CRUSHED to Death by a Baby Elephant!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle164/19 4:30PM
Tomb Raider is pretty unrealisticErik_P44/19 4:29PM
What the heck? Bachewychomp just got banned! (Closed)WastelandCowboy94/19 4:27PM
Weirdest spam e-mail I've ever recieved.Zareth24/19 4:25PM
How do you prefer your steak? (Poll)
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InfestedAdam564/19 4:23PM