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Calories and Exercise tracking topic
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Pepsi or Coca-Cola? (Poll)
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GanonsSpirit458/27 7:12PM
I think those idiots are DDoSing Reddit now.
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My freaking car is almost paid off. I'm so juiced.
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Jen0125648/27 7:07PM
Getting ready for garage sale, nostalgia bombed when I found my fav kid bookLokarin38/27 7:02PM
Y'know, I kind of AM a narcissistic jerkBNVshark12338/27 6:45PM
For all intensive purposes, I COULD CARE LESS
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OmegaTomHank158/27 6:24PM
Yugioh made me sadAwesomeTurtwig78/27 6:22PM
As founder of PotD, the gaming company, I nominate myself l make the first game!Ao_Ryuu5498/27 6:22PM
Mario Kart DLC comes out, everyone loves DLC all of a sudden.
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ZiggiStardust308/27 6:15PM
*drums* *interlude*OmegaTomHank38/27 6:06PM
Can we start to move away from youtube?VioletZer028/27 5:57PM
This Asian Kid had a full ride to Stanford!! But now they rejected him because.. (Poll)Full Throttle88/27 5:33PM
C\D gravity falls is getting darkerAo_Ryuu5418/27 5:21PM
im STRAIGHTmayu780108/27 5:08PM
NP: Will Smith - Gettin Jiggy Wit ItYuffie36018/27 5:03PM
Maine hermit jailed 7 months for 27 years of burglary. Was his sentence fair? (Poll)
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What do you wanna be famous for?
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If you are not black and you get shot by police, you dont get media coverage
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NovicePro188/27 4:21PM