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Oculus Rift: The future or a fad
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deadpigs1011110/23 8:33AM
Tell me what you think of me, potd.
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Jen01255110/23 8:32AM
700 Dead in Syria...Renraku_San610/23 8:31AM
This 16 y/o Asian Wacko from Wyoming killed a 19 y/o Execution Style in public! (Poll)
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Full Throttle1410/23 8:28AM
How do you control sexual desires?
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Flutershy3310/23 8:27AM
The episode Goku and Piccolo learn drive is the best filler episode.twa556410/23 8:24AM
School lunch (Poll)Mr_melodramatic910/23 8:22AM
do omnicidal maniacs actually exist?
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humptyrump1110/23 8:18AM
Anyone else just not feeling the "magnetism" to the PS4.
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VioletZer02310/23 8:11AM
Man finds the most Deadliest Spider in the world in his home! (Poll)
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Today's poll is disturbing_Perfectionist410/23 8:10AM
Canada is deploying troops to Iraq today. There was/is a shooter in Ottawa now
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Doctor Foxx6910/23 8:09AM
I just realized that I drink at least 4 days a weekBNVshark1231010/23 8:08AM
WTH? pro gamer dies during tournament! Donations then flood in. Now $9000
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BushidoEffect31610/23 8:08AM
To those who follow politics, what's yer primary source(s) of information?InfestedAdam910/23 8:08AM
attack by muslim radical in Canada. Why harm canada? They're cool! ^_^d
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BushidoEffect31910/23 8:06AM