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what if gamestop gives you a bag of poop if you tried to buy a game today
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NightMareBunny144/1 11:20AM
They found a dead body on campus....papercup74/1 11:18AM
How will Pokemon end? WILL it ever end? spoilers for game and show and movies
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AIundra184/1 11:18AM
im actually a girlDirtBasedSoap24/1 11:18AM
Had my first Four Loko today.
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IceDragon77134/1 11:17AM
Dungeons and Dragons Topic! When PCs Attack!
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JediMutant2304/1 11:16AM
Anybody remember the teen who was denied a heart transplant...
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bulbinking504/1 11:15AM
No More Heroes by The Stranglers is a fantastic album.AKA_Tex_Mex34/1 11:14AM
My roommate's dog keeps humping my arm
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StripedTiger124/1 11:14AM
This just bummed me out.keyblader198554/1 11:12AM
An acquaintance challenged me in Pokemon XRFC2294/1 11:11AM
What ever happened to the April Fools Poll of the day being a hoax?dEmoLiTiOnSqUiD54/1 11:10AM
holy s*** there's a new board jameshelIy34/1 11:08AM
When and how did the Souls community get so bad?VioletZer044/1 11:08AM
GameStop has $175 trade-in a PS3 for a PS4 deal. (Poll)
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SunWuKung420444/1 11:06AM
learned how to tune a guitar todayargonautweekynd14/1 11:05AM
Amazon Prime has spoiled merexcrk104/1 11:05AM
To the people who say "All lives matter" in response to...BNVshark12334/1 11:05AM
It's so weird Dominos has an online trackerJoanOfArcade24/1 11:01AM
Rate that TV show ~ Day 707 ~ Better Call Saul (Poll)Slayer34/1 10:59AM