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What is your favorite of my kids favorite tv shows? (Poll)Stupid Pirate Guy18/29 11:55AM
Did I get called cuteness?
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Flutershy438/29 11:54AM
Surprise surprise!Anita Sarkeesian publicly declares herself a victim once more.
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mildare_el_rayo678/29 11:52AM
What do you think is better, the Japanese or American boxart for Dragon Warrior? (Poll)
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Milleyd208/29 11:50AM
I make $691.88 a week after taxes.
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Judgmenl208/29 11:48AM
Im not buying Smash 4Sonicplys18/29 11:48AM
I need to write a letter on someones behalf.Flutershy98/29 11:48AM
Anyone want to start a Diablo 3 season party when seasons launch tonight?Flutershy98/29 11:46AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 205 Zorro (Poll)scubasteve4218/29 11:46AM
Rate this Villain Day 203 Ebon (Poll)scubasteve4218/29 11:46AM
Shulk confirmed for Super Smash Brothers 4 Wii U and 3DS.
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Storrac268/29 11:45AM
It been nearly 18 years since this happened.slacker0315038/29 11:44AM
And Nintendo's new 3DS will not use any games to use its new featuresWhatPoll78/29 11:42AM
Why isn't American Football played more/watched more outside of the US?
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BigOlePappy268/29 11:39AM
TOOL appreciation topic.
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kratosdakota3118/29 11:38AM
Nintendo announced a new redesign of the 3DS, with a C-Stick and more.
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GameGuy777448/29 11:37AM
LukatarFatalAccident18/29 11:35AM
Damnit there's a woman a work here.. I want to get to know more...TheNeckbeard68/29 11:27AM
Looking for some fantasy books with a JRPG/WRPG type-ish stories
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RevolutionZeal158/29 11:26AM
For your consideration: A cat playing a theremin.GanonsSpirit18/29 11:26AM