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Hatred looks like the kind of game that could set back perceptions of gamers for
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Sometimes, I wanna know the cast list for a porn video, especially the college
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Revisited1510/19 1:56PM
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What are some albums you think are flawless?
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DespondentDeity5410/19 1:27PM
C/D Easier to succeed in America as a woman (Poll)
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2000s hip hop was so fun. by far my favorite decade.ESMWjot310/19 12:37PM
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C/D Final Fantasy XV will be the best road trip buddy comedy of 2015-20??
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JoanOfArcade1410/19 11:31AM
Would you put your brain in a robot body? (Poll)
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Miroku_of_Nite11110/19 11:28AM
Bill Gates offers to support you financially for the rest of your life, but...
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