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I think we pissed off Pizza Hut
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Am I a terrible poster? (Poll)WastelandCowboy1011/17 10:35AM
Do you pick your nose? (Poll)
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Q_Sensei1111/17 10:32AM
which afterlife would you prefer of these choices? (Poll)
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Zikten4011/17 10:29AM
There's nothing wrong in being in pro-lifeThe_Sexorcist411/17 10:25AM
All the stars you see in the sky are already dead, it's just light from the past
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darcandkharg311311/17 10:00AM
my cat pissed somewherepedro45811/17 10:00AM
why does the gaming community go straight to death threats when they're unhappy?
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ZiggiStardust1511/17 9:57AM
Get rekt.TwiggyTwink111/17 9:34AM
People on craigslist are so testy.Milleyd211/17 9:28AM
Pooping while proneeating4fun111/17 9:26AM
If you don't even look at the box, how do you know what you're buying?FLOUR911/17 9:19AM
Full Metal A Brotherhood and Naruto have the best final battles on any show IMOkratospwnsnoobz1011/17 9:12AM
So, that dude who was convicted by the jury i sat on in august got 87 yearsTroll_Police_1011/17 9:06AM
I'm going to try to keep this topic alive.
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NameNotKnown1611/17 9:03AM
Plumbers take credit cards right?St_Kevin1011/17 8:58AM
Do you prefer Raiden or Recca? (Poll)Lokarin611/17 8:35AM
Which country's flag do you think is the best?
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AwesomeTurtwig1711/17 8:31AM
The Atheist prayer from the Simpsons/Futurama cross over episode was so awesome.SunWuKung420211/17 8:05AM
This woman suffers an 180 Orgasms every 2 Hours! Look at her face as it happens (Poll)
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Full Throttle2511/17 8:04AM