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You cannot longer be a homo (Poll)
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Has science gone too far? Is this image real or fake?
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Rate that TV Show | Day 627 | Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Poll)Slayer7861912/23 9:57PM
Christmas seems like a whole lot of "meh" with each additional year.
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Would you play Kingdom Hearts 3/FF15 on PS4 or XBOX One?? (Poll)Full Throttle312/23 9:14PM
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Started Assassin's Creed Unity.Storrac212/23 9:07PM
people who dont watch animemayu780812/23 9:03PM
should I feel bad for doing this?ThePollGuy54412/23 9:02PM
Who's your Fire Emblem: Awakening waifu? (original characters only)
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you guys know the baby on the sun from teletubbies?
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Knock knockWastelandCowboy512/23 8:38PM
If I was an evil person...
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I wish we would get more Scalebound infoJoanOfArcade112/23 8:08PM
I wish I was attractive enough to make out with random girls/guysThePercoIator612/23 7:58PM
A friend of mine is way to ingrained into pc games from the 90'sJoanOfArcade312/23 7:53PM
Helena Bonham Carter is single for the first time since I've known who she was.
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DespondentDeity1812/23 7:46PM
My underpants cannot contain my girth!keyblader1985912/23 7:44PM
To people who hate JRPG's.
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