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Y'know, I kind of AM a narcissistic jerkBNVshark12318/27 6:25PM
Which statement is true? (Poll)MICHALECOLE108/27 6:25PM
For all intensive purposes, I COULD CARE LESS
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OmegaTomHank158/27 6:24PM
PotD, let's start a gaming company, one game at a time.
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Ao_Ryuu54268/27 6:22PM
Yugioh made me sadAwesomeTurtwig78/27 6:22PM
Any Shadowrun fans here interested in Shadowrun Online?DeltaBladeX98/27 6:22PM
Why did the fairy double check her work before leaving for the night?FellWolf68/27 6:22PM
As founder of PotD, the gaming company, I nominate myself l make the first game!Ao_Ryuu5498/27 6:22PM
Where do people with no experience go to find jobs?
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jamieyello3168/27 6:21PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 38 - Whisper of Hell (Disgaea) (Poll)quigonzel78/27 6:20PM
How is hunting for sport any less worse than what serial killers does?Real_Account108/27 6:18PM
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Rate this Villain Day 201 Iron Monger (Poll)scubasteve4248/27 6:17PM
How happy are you with the current state of gaming? (Poll)
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GameTok with Lok: Talk amongst yourselves while I stare at my backlog
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Lokarin1448/27 6:15PM
My freaking car is almost paid off. I'm so juiced.
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Jen0125638/27 6:15PM
Mario Kart DLC comes out, everyone loves DLC all of a sudden.
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ZiggiStardust308/27 6:15PM
A 9 y/o Girl shoots an instructor in the head with an Uzi after it went off!!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle498/27 6:13PM
I'm bored, so rate my top 15 movies! (Poll)
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*drums* *interlude*OmegaTomHank38/27 6:06PM